Italy is worldwide-famous as a cradle of art and handcraft. From the moment the spark of enlightened thinking brought Europe out of the Dark Ages to create the Renaissance, Florence has been the benchmark for creativity and perfection of artistry. Nowadays Florentine artisans are famous for, above all, the way they can work fine leather and skins into an expression of modern-day masterpieces. It is not then surprising to find out that one of Italy’s most renowned leather companies, that is GALLOTTI, is located just 20 km far away from Florence.

Gallotti was founded by the two brothers Francesco and Orlando in 1965, as soon as they came back from a long stay in South America. Driven by their experience and talent in tailoring, and full of initiative they grappled with the establishment of their own business in the leather industry in the surrounding areas of Florence, the city well known for centuries for the finest and most gorgeous leather processing.

With determination, intuition, a constant search for style and an innate inclination to handcraft the two brothers made a distinctive company flourish. The enterprise soon faced the international market with the brand ”GALLOTTI” which immediately became a synonymous of “quality and elegance”.

Reliability, professionalism and love for their work were the ingredients that have boosted the emergence of GALLOTTI as a leader in the leather garments.

The interest and admiration for the quality and handcrafted products cradled by the renowned Florence manufacturing and by the Made in Italy had allowed the company to participate in international fairs and to be well known in the luxury fashion market. Pitti Uomo in Florence, Milan MIFUR, FASHION ON TOP of Cologne, DESIGNERS COLLECTIVE of New York, CPD foreign markets particularly Germany and Russia, Fur Fashion Fair of Hong Kong, Moda Italia of Tokyo are some of the fairs that gave GALLOTTI the opportunities for its internationalization.


More than 50 years of history

In the 90s the two sons Giovanni and Pasquale became part of the company’s and they brought new ideas within the business.

In 2008, a new company, named G&P Ltd, was formed by the younger Gallotti, who acquired also the brand GALLOTTI and continued the flourishing activity.

Today Gallotti, recognized as one of the few companies that still produce everything in Italy, renewed his effort to be innovative and to convey to their clients a sensational mix of passion, love for the detail and handicraft in order to deliver a unique and true value to the consumers.

In fact, the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of Giovanni & Pasquale led them to seek for young motivated Team Managers with the purpose to achieve a new engaging goal: a B2C platform (E-Commerce) that not only allows its clients to buy the products directly, but also allows to have a complete customization including the “Tailor Made”.

Gallotti is environmental friendly and it is characterized by a LEAN production, which minimizes inventory and waste, in fact it creates every single product just after your order. In this way it can have a more accessible cost for you and less impact on the environment for all.

Gallotti is responsible and sensitive to the environment and to people of Third World that are willing to run a business to maintain their families. That’s why we chose two sensational partners KIVA and TREEDOM, to make your purchase even more sensational and at the same time to donate joy to someone in this wonderful world that surround us.

We are proud of what we do and if you share our honest ideals, you are a part of our “Gallotti Family, we believe in your word of mouth.

100% Sustainable