GALLOTTI believes and is highly committed in Corporate Social Responsibility, trying to be in line with the Green Economy.
It ensures that its products are safe and respect the strictest legislation avoiding all the materials that could be harmful for the consumer and for the environment.
GALLOTTI choses to carry out a “LEAN PRODUCTION” : we produce only after an order just for you, in order to minimize the impact on the environment and the squandering.
We are committed in reducing drastically our CO2 emission and at the same time we are socially responsible, trying to help people less lucky who want to change their situations. For this reason we would like to involve you in order to achieve this goal with us giving smile to who may need it.
Two projects we are involved in are briefly introduced here below.

Gallotti & Treedom

Gallotti has a partnership with “Treedom”, an association that supports our intention to improve the environment that surrounds us.

Our website has already got a “Zero-CO2 Impact” and from 2016 our Company has got a completely “Zero- CO2 impact” certified.

In order to achieve this goal and at the same time to help people in difficulties, Gallotti-Treedom project awards every single purchase planting a fruit tree in the Third World. This action plays a double role. Firstly, it will compensate the environmental impact of your product and its shipment, and secondly it will allow a Third World farmer to get some help in the sustenance of his family.

Our customers could enjoy planting a tree anywhere in the world and they could check it with Google Maps and receive updated pictures of the plant’s growth by logging on the Treedom website through the Gallotti profile.



What Treedom Do

Co2 Zero Impact 0 %

Gallotti & Kiva

Kiva is a non-profit platform of social lending whose main aim is to connect people through social lending in order to alleviate poverty.

GALLOTTI supports Kiva in their initiatives helping poor entrepreneurs to build up their business and to guarantee them a minimum salary in order to alleviate their situations.

For every purchase above 500 € GALLOTTI will donate a small contribution to Kiva. Every single client will discover who she/he is supporting and what the supported person would like to do with the money by logging on the Kiva website through the Gallotti profile.

What Kiva do