The great milestone of 50 years has made us even more aware of the importance of the environment and of the impact companies like ours can have on it. This has led us to make a complete turn towards environmentally sustainable production.

We have long been involved in various plans and initiatives to safeguard the environment. Among these, a project with the association Treedom, strongly committed to safeguarding and improving the environment around us.
Our website already has “zero CO2 impact” and we are committing ourselves to the goal of quickly achieving “zero CO2 impact” for the whole company.

Gallotti–Treedom speaks out for the need to improve the environment and the quality of life of those living in it.

We constantly engage in our everyday company and working activity to save energy and not produce plastic waste; we have chosen to use electric vehicles and installed photovoltaic panels.

Our attention to the environment also continues in the materials we choose for our garments. We are constantly seeking for recycling solutions and solutions with zero impact, such as “re-cashmere” and “recycled camel” fabric present in the coming collection.

Our greatest desire is to become as quickly as possible an environmentally sustainable company with zero impact on the environment, a desire which is a prerogative for us.